Book Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


For those who are wondering…yes, i am a Potter virgin and I am slowly working my way through this fantastic story.  I have seen the movies and so reading the books is a way for me to connect more with the story.

You can see my book review of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone here.

So back to The Chamber of Secrets…having read a few reviews on Goodreads and on the internet I gather this is the least liked novel.  I can’t understand why although I haven’t yet read the others so I will reserve judgment for now!

This book was a great way for us to see Harry become more familiar with the wizarding world and magical family life.  When Harry is rescued by the Weasleys and he lives with a magical family for the first time it is wonderfully touching.

We also get to see a lot of Rowling’s humour in this novel, for example: “Ron’s old shooting star was often outstripped by passing butterflies” – I may have laughed out loud on that one! As well as Harry, I was first introduced to Polyjuice potion (the film never made it clear it took months to brew!) and to the concept of a Squib.  The deathday party never made it into the film unless I am remembering incorrectly but one I would have liked to have seen dramatised! Poor Nick – he is like the Neville of the ghost world!  Rowling continues her villianisation of Snape which is just heart breaking when you know the real story behind it.  I am hoping this will be more developed in the books. I can’t help but read these stories and visualise Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith in the key roles.  They were just perfect.

One little thing that niggles at me reading these books is how brave / stupid the three children are.  I am reading along thinking: OK this is when you need a teacher.  Any teacher.  Who do they choose?  Lockhart.  Seriously?!?! What about McGonagall?  She would have been far more help than self obsessed Lockhart in the Chamber – please can someone explain why they went with Lockhart?

Mini-rant over – I would love to know if this was your least favourite book of the story and why?

Recommended for: everyone!

Rating: 4/5

Favourite quote: It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities

Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoyed it!

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  1. When I started to reread this book I was not looking forward to it. I had remembered it was not one of my favorites. But then, I started reading and taking note for my blog and I came up with so many good things that I wondered why I hadn’t liked it. I think it gets overshadowed as the story unfolds. But it is such an important book and lays a lot of groundwork. I am glad you enjoyed it. I loved seeing the start of the friendship of Ron, Hermione, and Harry. I also really enjoyed Lockhart-even though he was an awful person.

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  2. I can’t choose to be honest. It has been a while since I have read the series and I am scared that if I reread the books, the rose colored glasses will fall off. But then, I could also love them more… but I actually think that The Chamber of Secrets could be my least favorite.

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  3. Yay! I LOVE Harry Potter so am very happy you’ll be reading them 🙂 I do love the movies but the books have soooo much more. Can’t say I dislike CoS at all but I think people generally like the later books as we learn more and more about the world 🙂 Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely one of my favourites – both book and film!

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    1. I am looking forward to finally meeting Sirius in the book flesh! There are just too many ruddy books in between mind you – I am trying to stall the book hangover and read a book in between but then there is another and another! I have no discipline!


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