Poetry Event: Let Them Eat Chaos by Kate Tempest at The Roundhouse, Camden 11 December 2016

Kate tells us to wake up and love more. After hearing Let Them Eat Chaos your eyes and ears will be wide awake.

It’s 4.18am and Kate follows seven different people on the same street…awake…with thoughts swirling in their minds. There’s a storm brewing: the consequences of which we are to discover – but first, the seven.

Jemma is fighting addiction, Esther is worried about everything in the world from the “we have learned nothing from history” to the environment, Alicia is coping with the murder of her brother thinking “It’s such a waste / So many idiots alive and kicking / Why’d it have to be the only sane man in town”, Pete is staggering home from yet another boozy night out, Bradley is questioning whether there is more to live, Zoe is moving out of the gentrified area noting that “It don’t feel like home no more/ I don’t speak the lingo / Since when was this a winery? / It used to be the bingo” and Pious trying to forget an ex and “devour” her next lover.  All are individuals. Living separate lives until a storm breaks and “baptism” of the seven occurs.

I first saw Kate perform this at a festival on an island called Obonjan. That time, I heard the piece raw with no music in Kate’s natural habitat of spoken word. It was breathtaking. Kate captures the zeitgeist of our generation. The corrupt politicians, the materialistic and self centred behaviours of our selfie obsessed millennial society and yet the blindness to the storm that is coming: the chaos of life as we know it.

Let Them Eat Chaos is on Spotify and is published by Picador. I urge you, in honour of the great talent that is Kate, to download it on Spotify, buy the book: read it, listen to it and wake up.

Recommended for: EVERYONE

Rating: 5/5

Favourite quote:Yeah, my future is bright / but my past’s trying to ruin me

Europe is lost / America is lost / London is lost / And we are still claiming victory’

Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoyed it!

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