Classic Book Review: The BFG by Roald Dahl


Yes, I am nearly 30.  Yes, I re-read The BFG.  Yes, Roald Dahl reminds me of my childhood and yes, I re-read his books quite often.  No – that does not make me ashamed!

I grew up with Dahl’s books which I am sure all of you did.  We all have a favourite and this one is mine (Matilda is a very close second!).  Why? Well for these reasons:

As a child:

  • the illustrations.  Quentin Blake’s illustrations brought so much life to Dahl’s stories and the consistency in using the same illustrator allowed the young me to recognise and follow an author;
  • the way Dahl describes the taste of snozzcucumbers actually made me think of the taste of actual cucumbers!
  • I would religiously think the BFG would come and with his phizzwizards and whisk me away (…maybe I still do!).

As an (ish) adult: the vivid descriptions from the giant who is friendly to the Queen who is ridiculously approachable reminds us of how we ought to challenge our pre-conceived notions.  I will continue to re-read Dahl as I am sure the generation below me will continue to re-read Harry Potter.  With no shame but with all the love.

Which is your favourite Roald Dahl book and why?

Recommended for: children and adults alike!

Rating: how can it be anything other than 5/5?

Favourite quote: Two rights don’t equal a left

Thanks very much for reading – I hope you enjoyed it!

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